Judging Criteria

The International Jury reviews and awards articles, photos and videos in each age category and are free to give 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes as well as Honorable Mentions as they see fit.  

The Jury Members may assign a score of 0-5 based on how well the submission meets the five criteria listed below. Participants are encouraged to meet as many of these additional criteria as possible, to improve their work and chances of winning. It is not, however, compulsory to meet these criteria.

NB. The International Jury members assess the entries on the YRE Competition Exposure page. It is therefore important that the National Operators ensure that the entries are nicely presented on this page.

Composition i.e. form, structure, and quality

  • The submission has to be well structured and, in the case of articles and videos, cover who, what, where, why, when, and how.

  • The article or video has to have a beginning, middle, and end.

  • In the case of photographs and video, the photo/video has to be well-made technically and artistically i.e. well composed, of high quality, and impactful.

Fair, balanced, and objective reporting

  • The piece (article or video) has to be balanced and fair in terms of representing different sides of an argument prior to offering a suggestion of potential solution.

  • The quotes used have to be from real, credible, sources.

  • Scientific or statistical reporting has to be accurate and supported by sources/footnotes.

  • The photograph or video is a fair representation of reality, and the subject or object has not been manipulated. Editorial alternations to photos or videos (including but not limited to colour, contrast, definition, shadows, highlights, cropping, leveling, etc.) are permissible, as long as these alternations do NOT alter the reality of the subject or object of the photo/video.

Informative and well researched

  • The submission has to cover relevant historical, economic, social and/or political implications and possible consequences.

  • It has to make a link to the bigger global picture.

  • The solution presented has to be thoroughly explained, well-argued and justified.

  • The use of illustrations, pictures, supporting paragraphs, subtitles, etc., has to be thought through.

Originality, style, and independence

  • The piece is original in its scope or style i.e. has the participant picked a challenging topic or created an innovative or moving piece.

  • The participants have to leave the school grounds i.e. engage in field work and interview people in person as well as on the telephone, not just use or quote online sources.


  • Dissemination through minimum three media outlets/events including internal school channels.

  • Participants need to state the dissemination (type of media outlet etc.) that has been done. (The evidence to the media channels has to be submitted below the entry on Exposure for reference).

In addition

The Jury is at liberty not to award in the case of too few submissions and to give more than one award in the case of exceptional entries in one or more age categories. The Jury will also give points to journalistic and environmental aspects of the submissions based on their professional backgrounds. It will be scored from -2 to +2 points.

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